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5 Ways to “Savor Your Faith”

Posted: October 07, 2015 | Author: Fr. Leo

Since we started this Grace Before Meals movement to combine food, family, and faith in a way to strengthen relationships around the dinner table, I have experienced more travels, events, friendships, productions and "Throwdowns" then I ever could have imagined, I am grateful for the opportunity to share this movement with more and more people in different ways.

With Chef Naveen in his Chicago restaurant. Check out more pictures at Naveen Cuisine's website and Facebook page. 

One way is through my TV Show on EWTN, Savoring Our Faith, which is in its 4th season. What started off as a faith-filled cooking show with recipes, reflections and really entertaining (and hungry) guests, we wanted to grow the "faithful foodie" movement and for this season, we have moved out of the kitchen and taken the show on the road, going to different cities and visiting notable shrines, restaurants, and more special guests in their kitchens. Why? Because there is a whole world of different hot spots, cuisines, people, and stories to share that I want you to be able to experience with me. How? We select different places based on my own travels for events and base it on the feedback and recommendations you provide. In many ways, the only way this can work is with your participation, so thank you to all of those who have offered their suggestions, their favorite locales, and even their homes for this season's show. And of course, thank you to all who have offered prayers for adventures, as they have been quite awesome.

I just wrapped filming new episodes in Chicago yesterday, visiting a number of great places in the Windy City like Naveen Cuisine and more. And now that the new season has started airing as of last Thursday, I wanted to offer different ways to help you get excited to "savor your faith" with this TV Show and beyond.

1) Tune into the new season of Savoring Our Faith every Thursday at 5pm* EDT on EWTN

Starting last Thursday, new episodes of Savoring Our Faith started airing on EWTN, showing my time out in Little Rock, Arkansas where I visited the Cathedral of St. Andrew and checked out the local Silvek's European Bakery. You can check out the other upcoming episodes by checking out the following link: Be part of the adventures from your living room, and enjoy more great food, faith, and fun!

2) Are you in Cleveland or Canton OH? Send us your suggestions for places to visit!

Whenever we hit the road for some great faithful foodie adventures, we want to hear from you and find out the best places to go. I will be up in Ohio leading a parish mission at St. Ambrose Church in Brunswick, OH and filming new episodes during the day, visiting Mother Angelica's home among other great places full of stories to tell. As you can imagine, it will be busy, which is why the sooner we hear from you, the better opportunity there is for us to feature your favorite places to be fed, whether in body, mind, or soul. So if you have a favorite spot in Canton, OH area, a kitchen that would be good for filming a segment, or a special individual you think would be great to feature on the show, just comment below and reach out to

3) Share the G.I.F.T. with your parish as a service to those with low gluten intolerance

In my travels, it is still very apparent that many people with gluten intolerance are yearning for a better way to receive Communion. The Eucharist is the ultimate expression of faith through food, as Christ offers His body and blood to his children, and yet there are those who are unable to receive due to an intolerance. I want to encourage you to have your parish get in touch with Alviti Creations about the special solution we developed to help make it easier for people to receive Communion: The G.I.F.T. - Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving. Watch the video above to see how it works, and contact Alviti Creations by visiting their website or calling them at (800)-888-8258. Your call can be a true gift for many people, bringing them into literal communion with God.

4) Cook up a good family meal and have a dinner discussion about Pope Francis' visit and the ongoing Synod. 

As I've reflected on recently, the Pope's US visit 2 weeks ago was a truly amazing experience with many impactful speeches and presentations that emphasized the importance of family. Yet, despite all of the good, people seem to want to focus on what is presented as negative. One example is the Pope's now-controversial meeting with Kim Davis, the clerk that was arrested for not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in KY, as he has come under fire for what was a brief encounter. A good friend of mine, Fr. Roger Landry, wrote a great article that calls this mindset into question. 

Here is an excerpt from Fr. Landry's article:

Some were outraged, others were scandalized that Pope Francis, through his private meeting with Ms. Davis, immersed himself “domestic political controversies” as if by doing so he was betraying God and his vocation. Isn’t this putative Commandment, however, essentially an edict to the Pope and the Church: “Don’t you dare mention or show you take seriously any Church teaching that would make me or others uncomfortable!”? Or more pointedly: “Don’t you dare provoke me into having to choose between my faith and those political and cultural allegiances that you say are incompatible with my faith!”?

The Gospel, however, is meant to penetrate even into politics and culture, to every place where people interact. That’s part of what Jesus means when he says that the kingdom is like leaven or that we’re supposed to be salt and light. From where does this separation of faith from life among the culture war pacifists flow?

I encourage you to read it by clicking HERE and afterwards, you should cook a family favorite recipe to "set the table" to have this type of discussion with your loved ones. If you're looking for a menu inspiration, there are plenty of recipes from one of my cookbooks, on, and on EWTN's site with recipes from Savoring Our Faith.

A shot from Episode 7 "Helping Hands" in Phoenix, AZ.

5) Take some time to reflect on the gifts you have received and give thanks!

A very good meal will want to be savored and appreciated for as long as possible. Much in the same way, we ought to take more time out of our days, however impossible it seems, to take pause and reflect on our blessings. Even on our bad days, we have much to be thankful for, so why not say a pray of thanksgiving. This act of appreciation is an act of love for God, just as it is when we take the opportunity to say Grace before meals. So slow down and be grateful for the many gifts we have, especially in light of those who don't have much or who suffer greatly. The time we take to say thanks can lead into a chance to say a prayer for those in need.

So I hope that these 5 ways to "savor your faith" will help you have a great week and truly help to get you excited for what lies ahead for you and those you love. 

Let Us Pray:

Dear Father in Heaven, we praise you for your love, mercy, and many blessings. For the food we have to eat, we give you thanks. For the shelter we have to live in, we give you thanks. For the family we have or those who we care for, we give you thanks. And for all that is good, we thank you. We ask you for hope and trust in your providence especially in the face of sorrow and pain, and ask for clear opportunities to take time out of our day to spend it with you. We love you and give you all things in gratitude. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.