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Advent Prayer & Christmas Blessing 2015

Posted: December 09, 2015 | Author: Fr. Leo

As families and friends prepare for the Solemn Feast of the Birth of the Good Shepherd - the Lord God who will feed the flock the Food of Eternal Life - I pray that you will be safe, remain in peace, and keep the faith.  Enjoy this year's Advent Prayer and Christmas Blessing 2015.

Advent Prayer and Christmas Blessing 2015

As the nights grow colder and darker,
and fears from the shadows may arise;
it may seem that God's love is distant and further, but Advent Faith makes us stronger and wise.

From heaven we learn
that problems will abound.
But with a heart faithful and firm,
we can turn the evil around.

For this reason Jesus will come.
He comes in the darkest of nights.
In His name evil dispels and demons run
And peace takes over at His blessed sight.

And so we prepare to meet our King,
The Lord of Lords through the Baby's love.
Peace on earth, glad tidings He brings
as we set our hearts for things above.

Our gifts we prepare with joyful hearts
with family and friends we hope to see;
and even those who are far apart
are one in Christ's Holy Family.

May this Advent Prayer for Christmas Cheer inspire you to pause and reflect.
Consider the gifts to your heart so dear and the poor and needy, we should never neglect.

May this time of holy waiting and peace
be one of grace to your heart and soul.
May holiness be the air we breath
As seeing Jesus in the flesh becomes our eternal goal.

Sincere and prayerful blessings to you and your family during this Advent Season and the coming Christmas Season.  Thank you for being part of the Grace Before Meals family!  We have so much Good News to share, including our newest venture called which seeks to elevate culture and family life one meal at a time.  Please join our efforts to lift our hearts and minds to the Lord Jesus who comes to feed his family with His Divine Presence.

With Mary's Prayers and Christ's Blessings,

Fr. Leo E. Patalinghug IVD

Have a blessed holiday season with your family!