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Back from the Land Down Under!

Posted: October 27, 2016 | Author: jhansbrough

G'day mate! How about another shrimp on the barbie?

Other than being a quote from the seminal cinematic masterpiece Dumb and Dumber (just kidding), this is often the extent of our "Aussie" accents. But having just returned from Perth, Australia, speaking at the Why Be Catholic Conference, I can say that there truly is so much more to take in from the "Land down under". 

Posing with some of the young adult attendees. 

My trip was full of many people who had never heard of the GBM movement before, but they walked away super excited to carry on the movement in Australia. I had a good time meeting new GBM "fams", like this guy in the following video:

Special thanks goes to Bishop Don Sproxton and the Diocese of Perth for inviting me out there, my priest friend Fr. Christian Irdi (pictured below), and Dr. Michael Chong, who has been working with us since December 2015 to make this happen. He was a gracious host and friend to have for the trip.

Me with Fr. Christian Irdi. Nice to have friends across the world!

I pray for all of these people and their communities to grow closer to God following this experience. And I am hopeful for a return to Australia next year, as there are already requests to make it happen. Have a G'day!

A glimpse at one of my presentations with the next generation of hopeful saints.

Let us Pray

Dear God, thank you for the people and places I have had the opportunity to visit. We pray for the Aussies who heard the GBM message on faith, food, and family, that they may carry the movement on to many more people to tranform their lives. May we have more opportunities to share Your love, to feed hungry souls, and bring more people to your Heavenly banquet. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

May these people be a blessing to the world!

Food for Thought

1) Have you been to Australia? Where did you visit?

2) What is your favorite Aussie cuisine? 

3) Are you interested in bringing Grace Before Meals to your community? Reach us at "Book Fr. Leo" on our site. Ask about the Feed My Faith Tour to learn more about a new initiative we are working to launch this year.