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Celebrating Multicultural Food in Maryland

Posted: May 18, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

Last week I submitted two recipes for Maryland Governor Hogan's "Buy Local Cookout" recipe challenge to celebrate the local farms and flavors of Maryland. 

The Maryland state flag. This has been my home for pretty much my entire life. 

The two dishes I created celebrate the ethnic diversity of Maryland while honoring the local farms. You see, Governor Hogan, a faithful Catholic, is married to a beautiful Asian woman, Yumi Hogan. 

Governor Larry Hogan and his wife, Yumi. (Photo:

So to honor the multiple cultures of Maryland's First Couple, I created a vegetable wrapped wonton shaped like a cannoli, with a drizzle of Old Bay Sweetened Crema

Click image for recipe.

Then for a main course, I made an Old Bay Adobo Spiced Pork Chop with a Coconut Cream Jasmine Rice and with Maryland Silver Queen Corn, topped with a curry apple chutney.  


Let us pray

Lord God, bless our farmers - locally and everywhere - with good weather and an abundant crop. Bless those who work on the farm with perseverance and ethical work practices so that they will know of the consumers' gratitude with a prosperous harvest season. Keep all families close to appreciating where our food comes from and praying for those who prove it. May this Spring season be filled with God's hope and love. Through Christ our Lord.

Food for Thought

(1)  Do you use locally farmed foods?
(2)  Can you taste the difference between organic and mass-produced vegetables?
(3)  Do you grow your own food, and do you have tips on how to do this for your family?