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Chefs for Peace & Soldiers of Love

Posted: July 20, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

We're getting excited!  Next week we will announce all of the details for the first ever and most unique food and faith event sponsored by the Catholic Church. It's called The Olive Mass - Celebrating Food and Blessing Those Who Serve It! 

Chefs for Peace will be the Special Guests at The Olive Mass September 25-26, 2016.

For this first gathering, we're inviting special guests Chefs for Peace, who are Christian, Jewish and Muslim Chefs working in the war-torn Middle East. Together, they cook and promote peace through a common meal served with love. That's what this world needs the most right now: coming together, eating together, feeding each other and loving one another. These are the basics of Jesus' teachings!

I'm very proud of my nieces and nephews if you couldn't tell. Check them out at (Image Source:

Also, to help put into perspective all of the "hate" that's prevalent in the news, I decided to post this video which features in the background some catchy music written and performed by my nieces and nephews - JAGMAC - who wrote a song called Soldiers. They're performing in England for a next few months, but learn more about them at 

In this video, you'll hear how prayer changes our hearts before it changes the world. We need prayers to convert terrorists!  We need God to give us strength to fight against evil.  We need more positive messages, like my nieces and nephews' song, to inspire us to do good in the world!

As I try to spread God's love through food, they're spreading good news through awesome music.  Please tell your teens, their friends, and others about JAGMAC and be sure to download their awesome song "Soldiers" on iTunes or Amazon.

Let us Pray: 

Father in heaven, bless the efforts of The Table Foundation and our preparations for The Olive Mass in New Orleans (September 26) to help spread good will through the gift of food. Bless our world as we experience horrible crimes against the dignity of human life. May we truly become soldiers of love in the name of Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

Food for Thought:

(1) Even if you're not in the military, how can you be a "soldier"?

(2) What's the best way to fight against evil in the world?

(3) What are you doing on September 26, 2016?  Come to the Olive Mass in New Orleans!

Don't forget, more information to come about the Olive Mass in next week's Blast!