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Coming Soon: Cooking For One!

Posted: October 05, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

My work as the Host and Founder of Grace Before Meals is to bring families back around the dinner table. The reasons are obvious, but even more powerful when we delve into these reasons - which is why I'm writing a new book about it, currently called "Saving Families."  

A beautiful and big family of 8 girls and 2 boys from Edmond OK, where I did a presentation last week!

With the traveling, presentations, cooking demonstrations and media appearances, there is one question that I always get:  "What about if you live alone?"

To learn more about our new "Feed My Faith" events and how to book Fr. Leo, go to (Photo credit: Ale Saldaña)

As a priest, I also live alone. Maybe it's because I love cooking that I don't seem to have a problem cooking for myself and making sure I schedule dinner companions regularly to avoid any feelings of isolation or loneliness. However, I recognize how others experience many challenges when it comes to cooking for one. Cooking for one takes a lot of personal motivation. It's hard to shop for groceries. Most stores sell products in "family sizes" which means it's easy to waste food. Many singles also find it very difficult to find creative and low cost recipes. Yes, cooking for one presents its own challenges.

Cooking for one is not easy, but can be. Tune in to the monthly videos to come as I show you how. 

That's why Grace Before Meals has produced a monthly video series to inspire the single person to cook creative, low cost, and delicious meals with very simple products. In my first video, you'll see how one pound of ground beef can be multiplied into 3 delicious and diverse meals to last the week for a single person. There will also be enough food with one of the recipes to share with a dinner companion. To avoid waste and to keep things simple, these videos and accompanying blog post even go through the steps of providing a weekly grocery list to shop for, and list the basic ingredients that you should have in your own pantry.  

One of 3 dishes I show you how to make with one package of ground beef for the week in the first episode. As "The Cooking Priest", I know a thing or two about cooking for one's self.

These videos of "Cooking for One" is just one more exciting project that Grace Before Meals offers to help you realize the power of food to feed you - as a single person - body, mind and soul!  Stay tuned for these special videos and tell a friend! 

Let us pray:

Lord, as I lead a pilgrimage to Italy with, I pray for single people and their intentions. Lord, help them not to feel lonely in this world. Help them to develop a loving community. Encourage them to grow in personal virtue and trust.  And if it's Your will, give them the insight to find their spouse and companion for life! Yet in the meantime, give them, Father, a sense of peace and consolation knowing that they are never alone with You at their side!  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

"Jesus praying to God the Father in Gethsemane", Heinrich Hofmann, 1890.

Food for Thought:

(1) How do you grocery shop as a single person?

(2) How do you avoid the feelings of loneliness as a single person?

(3) Would you enjoy going on a pilgrimage as a community of "single people" like my Italy trip with