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Dinner Discussion: Grapes and Olives

Posted: August 25, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

As summer comes to an end and school year begins, I want to make a personal invitation to two very unique food events for the food lover in you!


Click to learn more about this amazing pilgrimage in the States!

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The first is a Napa Valley Retreat.  It's really a vacation, retreat, wine class, and culture exploration all rolled up into one trip!  People who have come on past trips were moved by the deep spirituality of California's wine country.  We even visit private chapels and learn the spiritual history of this uniquely blessed region of America.  You don't have to go to another country to experience such classic culture!  You'll be amazed by the beauty, similar to the Tuscan hills in Italy.  It's also a perfect time to go as the weather cools down, there are less crowds, and you'll participate in exquisite visits to exclusive vineyards. It's a retreat that leaves you with a greater appreciation for why Jesus became wine!  There are only a few spots and registration ends soon for this limited seating so please make your reservation as soon as possible by calling  313-565-8888 ext. 122 or click HERE for the registration and information.

A view from Castello di Amorosa, which doesn't capture the true beauty of the area, nor the amazing spiritual history. Register today!

The second event is another amazing experience of food and faith. It's called The Olive Mass, which you may have heard about from previous posts. The website to register to participate is now accepting RSVP's. This Mass and reception is free and open to all chefs, food industry and hospitality professionals will be on September 26, 2016 at 10:00am in the Cathedral of St. Louis in New Orleans, and will be celebrated by the Most Rev. Gregory Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans. This will be followed by the reception at the Ursuline Convent with light bites provided by Celebrity Chef John Besh (who is co-chair of the event with his wife and Board Member Jenifer Besh) and Chefs for Peace. There is also a special dinner in the evening at James Beard Award-winning Shaya Restaurant, which you can purchase tickets for to help support The Table Foundation and enjoy incredible food, fellowship, and faith. You can learn about all of these events and RSVP HERE. To learn about The Table Foundation and its Board Members, visit and even if you can't attend The Olive Mass, I hope you can consider supporting our mission by donating today, sponsoring a Chef to attend the events on September 26, or through your prayer intentions.

The Table Foundation seeks to feed hungry souls, and also support those who use food for goodness, starting with an invitation to The Olive Mass. 

These two fruits - the grape and olive - are regularly referenced in the Gospels and are equally important in our modern life, as they should never be taken for granted.  These two events are life-changing!  Consider participating and sharing this invitation to all people who are seeking to find God in their lives - one sip and bite at a time!

An olive tree and vineyard in Tuscany. These fruits hold special meaning not only in my events and cooking, but also in our faith. 

Let us pray

Father in heaven, please bless the efforts and intentions of the Napa Valley Retreat and The Olive Mass. May these be gatherings of people who seek to be fed by you and thus be transformed in heart and mind in order to feed others. May all of those in the food, beverage and hospitality industry experience your love in order to live such a demanding life with grace and mercy. We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen!

Special Intentions

There was a deadly 6.2-magnitude earthquake in Italy on Wednesday (Tuesday in the States) that has since claimed over 240 lives. I happened to be in Italy at the time, and though I felt the quake, I was among the unharmed. I ask that you take a moment to pray for all of those affected by this natural disaster. We ask God's blessing on the survivors and on the families of those lost.