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Eating Through the Election

Posted: November 09, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

The votes are in and Donald Trump will be the President of the United States of America! Congratulations to President-elect Trump, and commendations to Hillary Clinton as well, but now we as a country must move forward.  This historic election has been polarizing for many, and I want to encourage you to know that united we stand and the best way to move forward is by working together. Watch my video reflection on the matter:

Thanksgiving comes at the right time as we seek to gather around the dinner table and put differences aside. If we do this as a country, then regardless your political beliefs, we are a stronger nation united. To help prepare for Thanksgiving, here is the first place for you to see the second episode of "Cooking for One" which I discuss in the video above - aptly titled "Drama Free Thanksgiving Dinner". And yes, even though the show is aimed at single people, this episode shows you how to cook for two, because there should be someone else we are thankful for that can share a special meal this Thanksgiving. Check it out.

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Let Us Pray:

God, please bless our country, our President-elect Donald Trump, our lawmakers and decision makers, our American people from all points on the spectrum, and those who are in turmoil right now. May we stand united and come together in thanksgiving for the freedoms we are afforded, the good we are capable of doing, and for Your love you rain upon us. We pray for peace, hope, and mercy as a country which seeks unity in the face of division, and ask for your guidance to come together. 

Food for Thought:

1) What was your initial reaction to the election of Donald Trump?How do you anticipate America can overcome their differences to move forward?

2) Where will you be celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

3) Is there someone in your life that doesn't have anyone to celebrate Thanksgiving with? Could you consider inviting them to a meal?