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Exchanging Inspiration - A Young Man’s Mission to Serve Through Food

Posted: December 16, 2015 | Author: Fr. Leo

My Fellow Foodies:  I'm continually edified to meet so many people who are inspired by our faithful foodie movement. I'm grateful that people care about Grace Before Meals and are "digesting" the message! When people actually take to heart our bite-sized theology, they become transformed. They become what they eat!  They become the hands and feet of Jesus.  

I'd like to introduce to you a young man who I had the privilege to meet last year during one of my visits to San Diego.  We even had the chance to sample each other's cooking, and he was a great help to me in the kitchen as I served a private charity dinner.

I hope you enjoy his message!

Father Leo,

It was exactly a year ago that I was able to cook with you during your mission in San Diego.  I saw how your movement had such a great impact on so many people.  You were right… “food is power.”  I was so moved that I wanted to start a project in my own community.  Your blog “Sweet and Sour” gave me the advice I needed on how to get started.

David and his friends preparing food for his project, C3K,

 So here is an update one year later. I started a project that combines my love of cooking, learning and my community and named it C3K.  This stands for Cooking, Chemistry, and Community for Kids.  I have been conducting some of my cooking classes at an orphanage in Tijuana.  In my first class I made ice cream for them by showing them the science behind adding rock salt to crushed ice which causes the temperature to drop.  The orphans loved it.  I now go to Tijuana monthly to cook with them.  I also have been cooking with homebound kids with chronic and terminal illnesses.  We have made cookies, bread, ice cream and pies.  I hope I have shown that food can bring joy to the ones who are making it as well as to the ones who are receiving it.  Thank you for inspiring me!


David Pack


The logo for David's project, standing for Cooking Chemistry Community for kids.

Let Us Pray:

Father in Heaven, thank you for the faithful foodie family that you have created through our Grace Before Meals efforts.  May we continue to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus and help feed our hungry world, body, mind and spirit.  Bless our young chef, David, and his family and all those who are ministered to by this inspiring young man.  Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


(1)  How is the Grace Before Meals movement inspiring you to use the power of food to spread the Good news?

(2)  Have you ever offered your help to soup kitchens or other charitable organizations?

(3)  Are you preparing any special meal for your Christmas celebration?