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Faithful Foodie Travels: “Orange” You Watching Savoring Our Faith?

Posted: March 09, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

It's a constant question I get:  "Where and what time can I watch your cooking show, Fr. Leo?"  So, here's the information for my cable TV show and our recent episodes shot in Orange County, California!

The crew from the recent shoot in Orange County, CA. Do you notice some of the notable Catholic speakers and personalities?

It's not just a "cooking show" but a show that combines food, faith, family, friends and fun.  It's called "Savoring our Faith" on EWTN.  Times may vary, depending where you are in the world, but for people in the United States who can get EWTN on their cable channel, they can watch each weekly episode every Thursday at 5:00pm Eastern Time. 

This year, we are filming a new season beginning with 3 episodes in Orange County, California.  I just love it whenever a region is named after food - like the Diocese of Orange County!  Each episode features a church or shrine, followed by a faithful foodie visit to a restaurant in the area, and then finally I cook a recipe with some local guests to help us remember the visit. These episodes were filmed at some very well known restaurant establishments that do great work!

For example, we filmed world-renowned Chef Bruno Serato of Aneheim White House Restaurant.  Chef Bruno is famous for feeding nearly 2,000 "homeless" children who live in temporary room and board situations in motels. He makes great food with a great big heart!

With rosary and gift from Pope Francis for the charitable work he does for homeless children.

We also visited another highly acclaimed San Juan Capistrano Chef, Pascal Olhats, at his restaurant where his Sous Chef Chelsea treated us to some fine French Cuisine!  His passion for traditional foods and helping his neighbor will leave your soul satisfied!

Chef Chelsea shows one of the dishes prepped, with a portrait of Chef Pascal in the background. 

We also visited two Asian Fusion Restaurants, including the popular Garlic and Chives by Kristen, and the delicious surfer inspired food at Wing Lam's Wahoo's Tacos.

Me with Kristin, the owner and chef of the this popular and new Vietnamese restaurant Garlic & Chives. 

If ever in the Orange County area, be sure to visit these places and tell them Fr. Leo sent you!  Orange County boasts of some great food finds, so you got to know where to go when visiting Disney Land and the Mission of San Juan Capistrano.  But, if you're watching my show, then you will know exactly which restaurants to visit!  So, "Orange" you glad you are watching Savoring Our Faith?

Me with Chef Wing Lam of Wahoo's Tacos, chowing down on some good eats. 

Let us pray:

Father in Heaven, you give us this wonderful world, which you made as good, to teach us about your creative love. Whenever we take time to travel, we become pilgrims on your earth. Help us see ourselves as that - as pilgrims - seeking you and being fed by your providential care. May these chefs who we visited in Orange County be blessed for all of the wonderful work they do. Keep them inspired and fed by your love so that they in turn can feed others with your love. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

One of the delicious dishes prepared by Chef Mike Learokos, of Katella Grill, and member of Waste Not Orange County, which seeks to organize restaurants to use food to feed the hungry.

Food for Thought

(1)  What was your favorite "restaurant find" during your last travels?
(2)  When you travel, how do you go about searching for good restaurants?
(3)  Where is your favorite place to travel?

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