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Food for the Feeders of the Flock

Posted: October 28, 2015 | Author: Fr. Leo

Speaking events are an important part of the Grace Before Meals apostolate. There is always a question as to who will be those who are listening to my talks however. Gratefully, our message has been well received by a completely wide audience - all ages, races, religions, all different backgrounds including non-religious groups.  After all, we all have to eat.

Some of the audience from a presentation at St. Michael's Church in Glen Allen VA

But what about speaking to those who do a lot of feeding and serving?  Well, yes, I speak to them as well. For example, last week I was honored to give 3 days of ongoing education for the clergy of the Diocese of Little Rock.  We covered a range of topics including (1) Theology of Food for the Shepherds, (2) Best Practices for the New Evangelization, (3) Homily Helps as "feeding a spiritual meal," (4) Mary as a Mother of Priests, (5) and I even shared with them a practical spirituality in the secular world. It was a privilege to address these men, my brothers, including the Bishop Anthony Taylor, who evangelizes quite impressively with his multi-lingual homilies (because he speaks that many languages!). 

Picture of brother priests at the Continuing Education for Clergy retreat in Little Rock, AR.

Our priest and deacons, religious and consecrated men and women, do so much for others.  It is so very important to have these days of recollection and ongoing education in order to feed their own hearts, minds and souls.  There's a very famous food and faith saying in the Latin language: "nemo dat quod non habet" - "You can't give what you don't have."  Hopefully, after my convocation with the Diocese of Little Rock clergy, they received some food for thought to share with their hungry flock!

Encouragement from Women's Luncheon in Horseshoe Bay, Texas


(1)  What can you do to support your priests and members of consecrated communities?
(2)  What do you need more of so that you can give it away?
(3)  Ini preparation for Halloween, what was your favorite costume?

Let us Pray:

Halloween Prayer: It's that time of the year when the goblins and creatures come out of the woodwork and a certain fascination of the dark side becomes a commercial norm. Parents always ask, "Should I let my kids dress up for Halloween?" And I say, "Yes!"  Have a good time.  Try and avoid realistic demonic-styled costumes that perpetuate an attraction to the gruesome.  We don't want to encourage morbid and gross!  But, we can also have fun and provide kids with a perspective that Halloween is connected to the spiritual world, for which we ought to remember in prayer.  So, before getting the sugar rush from candies, get a spiritual rush and pray as a family before the festivities.

Let us pray:  Father in Heaven, in this Halloween celebration, we remember how we are only a heart beat away from eternal life - Hopefully with You. Help us to approach this season with a balanced faith, which means the ability to have some innocent, friendly fun, but also an awareness of the prayers for the departed loved ones, while also asking protection from evil spirits.  Keep us ever aware how our earthly human life is connected to the spiritual life. We pray that both our spiritual and human lives are protected by the Love and Mercy of our Lord Jesus, who conquered death by His Resurrection. Amen!

Pray for seminarians - including these Eastern Catholic Seminarians studying in Detroit, MI. Their home land is invaded by persecution and they need our support and prayers.