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Going OUT for Dinner

Posted: June 01, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

Last week, I filmed three episodes of my show Savoring Our Faith, which airs on EWTN each Thursday at 5:00pm EDT. These shows were all about Washington D.C., our Nation's Capital. It gave me a chance to film at familiar sites, and also explore some new ones - specifically restaurants!

Lupo Verde - I had a chance to explore a restaurant, named after their Italian town's soccer team. These guys have a great concept in DC, and I can't wait to return.

D.C. is very close to Baltimore (my hometown). It's about 40 minutes to get there (minus traffic), or I could even take a train. But, one of my biggest challenges is finding the courage and the energy to go out of my comfort zone! But in general, when we do, we will find some wonderful new experiences, giving us a broader perspective of our life, and helping us to be grateful for the opportunities we have.

Al Tiramisu - the restaurant, named after the famous dessert, literally means, "pick me up."  Chef Luigi's positive energy and fantastic food is a real pick me up!

This summer, may I recommend that we take the time to go outside of our comfort zones.  Visit a different church, go to a new nearby town and explore their food scene, and even try a different recipe each week.

Visiting DC wouldn't be complete without a stop at America's National Shrine, aka "Mary's House."

My show, now in Season 5, encourages exploration. It's what we do as people of faith. Where would we be had it not been for our missionaries, exploring new lands and learning more about how God is working in our lives? While I love having a stable community - like a parish - I encourage people to explore the universal aspect of the faith. 

There are only a few spots left for upcoming trips to Italy and Napa Valley. Visit this page and sign up quickly!

There's so much to learn. There's a world to explore. Remember, we're a pilgrim church and a pilgrim people.  So, get there and explore, and taste and see the goodness of the Lord.

These college seminarians were part of the one of the episodes, and they know the value of exploring their faith.

Let us pray:

Father in heaven, You created our world to be mastered and cared for. Help us to appreciate Your creation, to learn about You through Your creation, and help us to appreciate, explore and wonder at Your amazing creation. Give us courage to avoid lethargy and stagnation.  Inspire us to seek You as we explore and savor our faith.  Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Food for Thought:

1. If there's a place you'd like to visit, where would it be?

2. What's been the most unique food you've ever tasted?

3. How will you and your family explore God's beautiful world during this vacation season?