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Last Suppers, Lasting Memories

Posted: October 22, 2015 | Author: Fr. Leo

Amidst the continued efforts to defund Planned Parenthood on a national and state-wide scale, it is only appropriate that October is Respect Life Month. Let us pray for victory in the fight for life and the rights of those who go unheard in the womb of their mothers. 

As a Catholic priest, you can bet that I, along with our Grace Before Meals team, fully support the Pro-Life movement, respecting life from conception to natural death. And in light of these anti-abortion efforts featured in the news, I also want to share my proud support of Bene Plates, a Phoenix-based food and nutrition company, with the sole purpose of preparing home-delivered meals to those suffering from cancer and other chronic illnesses — locally and nationwide. Bene Plates is an organization started by Chris Faddis, a friend and strong Catholic man who saw first hand the pain and difficulty of terminal illness when caring for his late wife and is now starting a food revolution - to change the way the chronically ill are fed and cared for during treatment and at the end of life. I'm so pleased to work with Bene Plates as it blends perfectly with our Grace Before Meals movement and The Table Foundation efforts. 

Click the image to watch Chris Faddis' video about supporting Bene Plates through their Kickstarter campaign.

I am not only a supporter of the organization, but am involved as a culinary advisor. Here's why I love working with Bene Plates...

Bene Plates offers cancer and terminally ill patients:

- Menus created by chefs, doctors and nutritonists

- “Craveable, clean (non-toxic) micronutrient-rich meals

- Meals prepared in an FDA-approved kitchen

- Home delivery – locally and nationally

- A nutrition team that consults with the patient and family to plan a diet specific to each patient

- Elimination of stress from family members who have the responsibility of cooking proper meals

- Bene Plates is an essential response to our call to respect and defend those at the end-of-life.

On that last point, we must continue to fight for the dignity of those who are in need, especially those who are coming into this world, or going out of it. Their life is worth defending, and that is why I want to encourage you to support Bene Plates in their mission to offer dignity for those who are suffering through a simple but powerful act: providing a good meal. “In a world where we debate if we should feed the ill and dying, Bene Plates will provide them with the best food possible to ensure they can live well even with their disease,” says Faddis. 

And, here's how you, our faithful GBM followers and friends, can get involved... 

Chris has launched a Kickstarter campaign to invite others to get involved in his vision. It's a great chance for you to support a very important cause AND get some great rewards... What better reward then delicious food shipped right to your door? 

- Visit Bene Plates Kickstarter and watch Chris' powerful video:

- Share the Kickstarter project with family and friends and via social media encouraging others to help start this food revolution.

- Become a "Backer" by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign. There are several levels all the way down to $2. Backing this campaign is great because you're not just "donating" but actually pre-purchasing great food at a very discounted price that will be prepared and shipped right to your door! At least one of my recipes will be included in the food that is shipped out to backers.

- Consider backing one of the "larger" packages like a chance to have yours truly come out with Chris Faddis and prepare a dinner in your home for up to 20. Or a "dinner party in a box" package where Chris and I will design a menu for you and Chris' team will prepare and ship it out for you to have an fabulous party with your guests.

Food served to those suffering SHOULD look and taste this good. You can help make it happen.

So I hope that you find this to be a truly great cause to be a part of as I have, as the Grace Before Meals movement is centered on upholding the dignity of those we love through good food. This is a truly great application of that mission and very much respects the lives of those who may be having their last supper. They have raised over 50% of their goal of $15,000, and the Kickstarter ends on November 1, 2015 by 2:56pm EDT, so pray about it, think about, and share it with others to consider strongly to start this food revolution.


A mother and her child enjoying one of the meals Bene Plates provides.

Let Us Pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray for our country and our world, as we seek the right to life for all people, from conception to natural death. We ask that you please bless our efforts in our homes, in our churches, in our workplace, and in our daily lives, so that we may uphold the dignity of all people, especially those hungering for special nourishment in their hour of need. We ask your blessing on groups like Bene Plates, Grace Before Meals, and The Table Foundation, as they strive to do your will by feeding those who hunger with good food and goodness. And may we claim victory in our efforts to end life-ending practices like abortion, euthanasia, and suicides from depression. Through You, all is possible. May we trust in You. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.