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“Limitless”, Legatus & Laughter in life

Posted: July 22, 2015 | Author: Fr. Leo

Sometimes, I feel like God has taken me to the moon and back with the travels I take. After a fantastic trip to Italy, I spent last week traveling to Ohio, New York, Michigan, Missouri and back home. Talk about jet lag! That's why I've been spending the past few days recovering and relaxing the best I can. 

First, I headed to Steubenville, OH for the Steubenville Main Campus #4 Conference, which was jam packed and fantastic with the theme of "Limitless". The other speakers included Bob Rice, Deacon Ralph Poyo, Kelly Colangelo, Peter Burds and Andrew Laubacher, and being on Steubenville's campus, there's clearly no place like home. It was great to connect with so many people and jump back into the conference season. You can check out the talk I gave here, and the others at

After a brief stop in New York, I flew out to Ann Arbor area in MI for a special dinner on Tuesday that I (along with the awesome "assistant chef" Peter Veach) prepared for some hungry couples. Chef Peter cooks for the Archbishop of Detroit, and was a huge help in the kitchen. Needless to say, the people ate some good food.

Chef Peter Veach and I after prepping some delicious dishes for faithful families. 


Don't believe me? Check out some of the dishes below:


Thai Pesto sauce over rice noodles and grilled shrimp with baby cilantro

Bacon wrapped beef tenderloin over eggplant caponata and Brussels sprouts two ways - a Brussels sprout slaw and fried tossed in Orange honey Siracha

Semi-sweet chocolate mousse

The next day, I was the featured speaker for the Ann Arbor Chapter of Legatus and it was not the typical Legatus meeting. Families were brought to a summer BBQ and enjoyed some beautiful weather and more good cooking, with thanks going out to Chef Renee Hogge and her team for helping prepare the meal. 

Future chefs at the Legatus summer meeting in Ann Arbor. 

To round out the week, I headed out to the St. Louis area for the Steubenville Mid-America Conference, and it was amazing. The stadium was overflowing with over 4,000 young people experiencing their faith in ways they had never fathomed before, and with another awesome team of speakers (this time, it included Leah Darrow, Adam Bitter, Ennie Hickman, Jimmy Mithcell, and David Calavitta), we shook the house and saw love for God poured out throughout the weekend. It was truly a blessing and great experience, full of laughter, break-dancing and more. Check out my Twitter feed for some videos and Tweets from attendees. 

Cool collar, eh?

Great to see youth so passionate about their faith!

Led in prayer by Bishop Edward Rice


Almost inevitably, I'll be back on the road and as tiring as it is, I'm blessed to do it. I hope and pray that my adventures not only help shape me into a better man and priest, but that I can help shape more people, young and old, into better followers of Christ. 

Let us pray:

Dear God, thank you for keeping me and many others safe during our travels. Please continue to guide us to you by guiding us to those who hunger for spiritual nourishment. We pray for the Grace Before Meals mission and all work being done to bring all people into communion with you. May we savor our faith, our lives, and your love. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Food for Thought:

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