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March for the Unborn Belly Buttons!

Posted: January 20, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

(Photo source: Matt Barrick,

As the Pro-Lifers gather in Washington DC this Friday for the Annual March for Life, we recognize how the Pro-Life movement and the Grace Before Meals movement share a common mission: to feed people.

This kid loves his ice cream.

For me, one of the most pro-life and pro-food symbols is the belly button!  We all have one.  That's the source of where we were fed in our mother's womb when we were fetuses (aka, Latin word "foetus" which means "small person").  That little belly button needs to be fed in order to survive.

An unborn child is a child, no less.

The Pro-Life movement is really about the generosity of parents giving unborn children a chance to live by feeding them through that little unborn belly button.  The father of the child decides to become the supportive person who will help provide for a hungry mouth to feed - by first feeding his wife all the pickles and ice cream, or whatever strange food concoctions she craves!  The mother chooses to eat healthy in order to feed her child healthy  sustenance, and she may even endure morning sickness, which is basically the mother's body getting accustomed to feeding a child from within her own body.

A young single mother benefited from local Catholic Charities to raise her child, who also happens to be an official "Gerber Baby"

The Pro-Life movement celebrates the miracle of life and trusts that God will provide for His family from the beginning of life's journey to the very end.  As people of faith, we need to show the world that every life is precious.  Every life is worth living.  Every one of God's children needs to be fed, whether it comes through a feeding tube for a sick patient or a belly button in mommy's tummy!

We pray for all those who march for life.(Photo source: Jeffrey Bruno — at The March for Life.)


Let us Pray:

Father in heaven, bless the Pro-Life movement, all of those who march and take part in this annual gathering, and all of those who are involved in legislation to protect the unborn children. We also pray for conversion for all of those in the abortion industry.  May our compassionate love for all life be the instrument and source of strength for all abortion supporters to have a change of heart.  God, we trust in you that you will feed us, and we pray that our churches and organizations will more effectively help this world to become truly Pro-Life - one belly button at a time.

Food for Thought:

(1)  How do you explain the Pro-Life movement to your family?
(2)  Have you been to a March for Life, and if so, what's your favorite part of the gathering?
(3)  If you are a woman who has conceived a child, what was your strangest craving?