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NEW EPISODE - Cooking For One: Ground Beef Three Ways

Posted: October 12, 2016 | Author: jhansbrough

Time to get cooking....for yourself. 

As announced last week, I am branching out to help singles build community and one way I am doing it is with my new web series "Cooking For One"  - a monthly episode on new recipes and inspirations for all the single ladies....and fellas, like me. The first episode is here, so please leave comments:


As a traveling cooking show host and Catholic priest, you can say that I know a thing or two about cooking for one. I want to encourage all of you out there who are on your own and either struggle to make the time or to follow a recipe to know that you are not alone. And there are many great ways to be fed the Grace Before Meals way - body, mind, and soul! So watch the video, share your thoughts, and check out the recipes by visiting


Another way I am seeking to reach out to singles is through efforts like this great pilgrimage I am currently leading in Italy, bringing many people together to experience the wonders of our faith, of Italy's luscious landscapes and history, and fellowship with others. Check out some photos above and be in touch with us at and Select International Travel for more opportunities to go on a life changing journey.

Let Us Pray

Dear God, as many people experience life in solitude, whether single or widowed, may we know that we are never alone with You in our lives, and with opportunities for community all around us, be it at our parish, with community groups, with online communities, or even within secular religous institutes. May we accept your invitation to life in the Blessed Trinity and trust in Your perfect love for us, that we may be nourished body, mind, and spirit. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Food for Thought

1. What did you think of the first episode of Cooking For One?

2. What is your favorite meal to make for yourself, whether you are single, widowed, or even married? 

3. What do you want to see in upcoming episodes of Cooking for One?