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“Olive” Sounds Like “I Love”:  Your Invitation!

Posted: August 10, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

Think of one of your favorite things. Now say "olive" and that favorite thing you thought of. It'll sound like "I Love [your favorite thing]."  That's not exactly the reason why we're hosting The Olive Mass, but it perfectly fits the theme of this fantastic food and faith gathering in New Orleans, LA on September 26, 2016. We're coming together because I LOVE food!  I LOVE the awesome people who prepare and serve it. I LOVE the people who gather around our dinner tables around the world. The Mass and Reception are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! There are also two ticketed dinners for the serious food lover in you. Click here for information to RSVP for these free events and to purchase tickets to the special dinners.


Celebrating food and blessing those who serve it. Click the image to RSVP today!

I'd like to SERIOUSLY invite you to this event.  GET INVOLVED!  If you're part of the Grace Before Meals food and faith movement, this is the most exciting opportunity for you to learn how we can come together and actually do something to help improve our culture, bring joy back to our dinner tables, and to celebrate with awesome food at the hands of Chefs for Peace, and the James Beard Award-winning Chef John Besh Restaurant Groups with cuisine from prestigious restaurants Shaya and Lüke's.  

I am standing with James Beard Award-winning Chefs Alon Shaya (left) and Chef John Besh (right). We're all excited to share the blessing of food with you! 

If you can't personally come, please support it with a donation to The Table Foundation. We want to celebrate food and bless those who serve it, and those who eat it too! 

You can help and be involved - help spread the news on this event on your social media, making personal invitations to your foodie friends and chefs, and even giving the gift of faith by sponsoring a chef from your favorite restaurant so that that may experience the Mass and special events. Your encouragement to come could be what they need to strengthen their faith, their family life and their resolve to make great food for everyone!

The Old Ursuline Convent is the a historic and beautiful location for the post-Olive Mass reception - and it is free to come. RSVP today!

Napa Valley Pilgrimage

Also, I'd like to invite you to an exclusive retreat experience in the California wine country!  We only have a few spots left for the Napa Valley Retreat, which I call, "Fruit of the Vine."  Registration will end soon so act quickly and reserve your space for exquisite and exclusive food and wine experiences, while experiencing great spiritual inspirations and insights with other faithful foodies. Click here for more information

Food is a gift!  Let's celebrate it and bless those who make and serve it!

Let us pray

Father in heaven, you chose the olive fruit to represent family and friends in the Sacred Scripture.  We know the word "Chrism" - the perfumed olive oil - is where we get the word "Christ" and "Christian."  The olive branch in the beak of the dove after the great flood  in the Bible represented hope.  Extending the olive branch symbolizes peace. May we come to a deeper understanding of the mystery of saying "I love." Lord, I pray for The Olive Mass, The Table Foundation, Chef John Besh and his family, and Chefs for Peace. Help all of those who come to know the great gift of their calling to feed hungry souls. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.