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Quench your “Thirst”

Posted: June 23, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

"What are you thirsty for?" A question that we probably hear a lot during the summer, but I invite you to think on this question from a personal and spiritual level. Do you thirst for fulfillment? Do you thirst for acceptance? Do you thirst for faith and hope in God? 

Before you answer, let me tell you this: God thirsts for you. He wants you to be fulfilled. He wants you to know love, which is to know Him. He wants what is best for you, and has the best to give. This year, I am speaking at 3 Steubenville Conferences for High School Youth, and the theme is "Thirst". Watch this video to preview what is in store for attendees:


So if you, your kids, or youth in your life are thirsting for a relationship with God, you can check out info on the nearest conferences ( To find out more about the events I will be at, check out the links below:

Steubenville Atlanta (SOLD OUT) - July 8-10 - 
Steubenville Rochester - July 15-17 -
Steubenville Northwest - July 29-31 -

Steubenville Conference 2015. I always get a kick out of these events and seeing so many young people thirsting for Christ, and having that thirst quenched. 

Before I offer a prayer, I leave you with this description used to describe the conferences, for your reflection and consideration:

Just before He died on the cross, Jesus said “I thirst.” Assuming He wanted something to drink, the soldier standing guard by the cross gave Our Lord a sponge dipped in bitter wine. But Jesus wasn’t thirsting for something to drink. Instead, His statement should be interpreted as “I thirst… for souls!” Jesus is thirsty for your soul – at the 2016 Steubenville Youth Conferences, we will all have an opportunity to give our souls to Christ, who so desperately thirsts for them.

So again, I ask, "What are you thirsty for?"

Let Us Pray:

God, we thirst for you. Let us know that you thirst for us, and that you are offering the water of life through Christ, your Son. May these Steubenville Conferences and all events that seek to glorify you Lord God help quench the thirst for love, faith, and hope in this world, and may we share your life-giving water and food to all of those in need. With special intentions for the youth in our culture, we ask Christ's blessing on us to have the courage to share our faith with the world. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.