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Faithful Foodie: Tasty Travels of 2016

Posted: January 13, 2016 | Author: Fr. Leo

One of my new year's resolutions - as it is every year - is to go deeper into my faith.  One of the best ways to do this is to explore our faith by exploring God's world.  I would like for you to share in this resolution by joining me and other faithful foodies on one of my trips in 2016.  Since Pope Francis has declared this the Year of Mercy, we are going to go to Rome, walk through the Jubilee Doors, visit world famous shrines, take in incredible views, and of course, celebrate with incredible food for the body, mind and spirit.  

Having led trips, retreats and pilgrimages for the past 16 years, I'm so proud to team up with different groups as co-hosts, as I serve as tour leader and spiritual director.  We are positive that you'll find one that fits what you're looking for, as hopefully, you have a resolution to enter more deeply into your own faith this year!

Trip # 1:  Romantic Holiday for Couples: May 12-21, 2016

Amalfi Coast (Source:

I'm teaming up with media personality Teresa Tomeo and her husband Deacon Dominic and leading couples to the Amalfi Coast.  Breathtaking views, stunning architecture, charming sea-coast villages and world class food and accommodations will make this an incredible trip as you renew your love for your spouse.  It may even be better than your original honeymoon! For more brochure information, click HERE or call Corporate Travel at 313-565-888 ext.185.

Trip # 2:  A Summer Vacation for Families and Friends: August 15-26, 2016

Rome at dusk. (Source:

This trip is a perfect trip for families who want to explore some of Italy's finest sites with other parishioners from around our country.  I'm teaming up with another priest, Fr. Ryan Elder, and Dcn. Mark Westrick who will serve as co-hosts for this great "Introduction to Italy."  This trip gives authentic Italian experiences of the Catholic culture and cuisine.  It's so much fun!  Talk about a family vacation of a lifetime!  For more information click HERE for the brochure or call Select International 800-842-4842.

Trip # 3:  Retreat Experiences within a world-class Tour: September 2-12, 2016

Me, Gus, and Michelle Lloyd speaking with the US Ambassador for the Milan Expo in 2015. 

I'm teaming up once again with Catholic Channel host, Gus Lloyd and his wife Michelle, on a trip that focuses on the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi in this Year of Mercy.  We will visit unique shrines and have some quality time to explore hill-top towns - really entering deeply into the Italian culture.  This is going to be an amazingly powerful and beautiful experience which will fill up quickly! For more information click HERE for the brochure or call Select International at 800-842-4842.

Trip # 4:  A Trip for Catholic Match: October 6-16, 2016

The view of Sam Gimignano from the hotel pilgrims stayed at during one of the trips to Italy in 2015.

We have designed a special trip for members of Catholic Match for singles.  This is going to be so much fun, to have a trip specifically designed for Catholic Match members, and their friends.  This community of folks invites you to learn more about this incredible group of people dedicated to meeting other Catholic singles, not just for dates, but also for community, fellowship and fun!  This is my first trip with this group, and I know it will be an incredible trip for all who come!  Bring a friend, and expect to make even more faithful foodies and friends on this awesome trip! For more information click HERE for the brochure or call Select International at 800-842-4842.

Trip # 5:  Fruit of the Vine Special Trip and Retreat at California's Napa Valley and Wine Country

Me with other pilgrims dining at a vineyard in Napa Valley 2011.

I've led several trips and retreats to Napa Valley already and everyone agrees:  this is one of the most unique, powerful, beautiful and fun trips they have ever taken within the United States.  I enjoy watching people be so surprised by the level of spirituality you can discover in the Wine Country. But, you just have to know the right people and visit the right places. And that's what I specialize in:  making those spiritual connections with places that may not be "traditionally" a spiritual or retreat-like setting.  Exquisite and exclusive tours, seamlessly integrated spiritual conferences and world-class food and accommodations make this trip extremely popular for wine lovers, people who want to learn more about the wine culture, and people who want to explore their faith and culture in a deeper way.  For more information click HERE for the brochure of call Corporate Travel at 313-565-8888 ext. 185.

I invite you to join me and other faithful foodies for one or more of these trips. I know you'll be so pleased with the level of service and sense of "style" that my trips provide.  I'm proud to say, so many people who have come on these trips experience deeper conversions, and some non-Catholics even make the decision to learn more about the Catholic Faith.  I know you all have a resolution like mine.  Take a trip and fulfill one of your greatest dreams to travel AND your New Year's resolution at the same time!

Let us Pray:  

Father in heaven, you created the world and made it good, to reflect a glimpse of your beauty and mystery - which must be discovered only by those willing to "pilgrimage" in faith.  May you Lord, bless these trips, the efforts of all those who lead it, and all of those who are even thinking of going on one of these excursions with me.  May you encourage them in faith and give them the graces and blessings of resources to participate, pilgrimage, to pray and "play" in this world of Yours.  Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Food for Thought:

(1)  Ever go on one of my trips?  Let us know what you thought by sharing below!
(2)  What does the Year of Mercy mean to you?
(3)  What's your favorite place to visit?