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The Meal and the Message of Muhammad and Mary

Posted: May 13, 2015 | Author: Fr. Leo

Some of the crew from the Savoring Our Faith shoot in Dallas. 

Last week, I was in Dallas Texas filming three episodes of my EWTN TV Show Savoring our Faith.  It was the same week that ISIS claimed the attack on the Dallas gathering in retaliation against the cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in unflattering ways. While I find it abhorrent that free speech implies we can insult what some may consider sacred, I find it equally disgusting and more disturbing that people will kill and destroy, as a way to protect what they consider sacred - all done in the name of "god."  

Religion is very much in the news.  Let's admit it.  We need to talk about it better.  Mealtime is one of the best places to have a rational and peaceful discussion. If we cannot learn how to talk about God and Religion around the dinner table in a PEACEFUL and LOVING way, then maybe we don't deserve an invitation to God's heavenly banquet.

At the Villafranca home in Dallas Texas who sponsored a Table Foundation Dinner

Which God do we listen to?  What is God's message to you.  It seems that extreme radical Muslims consider the prophet Muhammad as a propher of "god" whose message has been interpreted as destruction and death. I don't want to worship a god who will kill because the image of the prophet is insulted.  It's not good to insult anyone's religion or religious persons.  But the response of the Christian, when insulted, is to turn the other cheek and forgive - not kill in vengeance.  The fact is, the true image of God is human life - not a cartoon!  When we kill human life, we are completely insulting and offending God.  By killing human life, in the name of "god," it shows what kind of god we worship - not the True God of Life - but the evil god of death, also known as evil one, the devil.  This is a difficult message to digest. But the devil continues to lie to humanity, and undiscerning palates continue to eat up this message of hate and death. It's disturbing but true. 

Thank God for the prophetic image of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

To learn more about Our Lady of Guadalupe, click here or the picture for an informative documentary, The Blood & The Rose

While in Texas, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe offered me great consolation.  That image was very prominent - from the Cathedral I visited to a new Shrine at the University of Dallas dedicated to her, that miraculous image was just about everywhere I turned.  Mary, Jesus' mother, under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, is a Prophetess.  Her prophetic message however, is very different from ISIS.  Mary's prophetic words to believers of the True God is one of peace, prayer, love, forgiveness and compassion.  She doesn't want her children to insult anyone by portraying the prophet Muhammad in offensive images.  But above all, she doesn't want us to give the greatest insult to God by killing the image of God in another person.  

Family and friends at Guadalupe Parish in Lubbock Texas

I hope you see the message of the True God is all about a meal:  Eat this Bread and you will live (John 6:35).  Give bread to the hungry and you will live!

In this month of May, dedicated to Mothers (by the way, Happy belated Mother's Day to the moms in our lives), and also the Blessed Mother.  As her image consoled me while I was in Dallas, I hope her message - as a Prophetess - consoles us in the midst of the confusion this world faces because of religious indifference and different religions.  We need to have a better discussion about the real meaning of religion.  I think our human family needs to eat together around a table of faithfulness and pray that we can fulfill the message of the true prophets of religion by feeding one another.

Me and my mom. Go ahead, call me a "mama's boy."

Let us Pray: 

On this May 13th Feast Day of Fatima, we recall Mary's prophetic words to pray, do penance, and seek forgiveness for the offenses against God.  May we, children of the true God, learn never to offend anyone or insult what other religions consider sacred.  May we see how God's presence is stamped into every human life - no matter who they are.  May we learn how to pray for each other, live with each other and eat with each other - as Jesus shows us in the Gospels.  Forgive us Lord for offending the dignity of life.  Give justice to those who blindly and wrongly kill in the name of God.  Give consolation and encouragement for those who are suffering persecution in the name of God.  May peace, the real message and meal of the True Religion, be served at every dinner table.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


(1)  How do you help your family understand the differences of religion in a peaceful way?

(2)  Do you think it's wise or unwise to depict religious figures (Christian, Jewish or Muslim images) in insulting ways?

(3)  What steps do you take to help bridge the gap between religions?




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