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Indianapolis, IN
November 16, 2017

Fr. Leo will be giving two (2) talks for NCYC 2017:

PB&J: Patience, Balance, & Joy

​Do you think that Church, Prayer, and Mass are BORING? Participants will be educated, entertained, inspired and learn how to never be bored with church ever again! At every mass we are being fed in body, mind and spirit. We are being fed PB&J- Patience, Balance and Joy! Let's admit that in our world of the fast food mentality, we know we need and hunger for more PB&J in our lives. If we allow God to feed us, we are supposed to become what we eat! This presentation will help us to be more patient, more balanced and more joyful. God wants to feed us. Come hungry!

Understanding the Holy Family

​Parents, how do you get your family to heaven? Families come in all varieties, and it's easy to compare our "crazy" or "hardly-holy" family to those families that seem to have to all and have it all together. Fr. Leo uses his experience as an international experience on family matters to help families of different backgrounds to understand how they are called to be "holy". Parents will learn how to get their family to heaven in the most helpful, realistic and practical way. 

Come and visit Fr. Leo! See him at table #366. We look forward to meeting you!!


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