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The Feed My Faith Tour: Parish of the Holy Spirit in Grand Rapids, MI

Parish of the Holy Spirit 2230 Lake Michigan Dr NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504
November 25, 2016
The Feed My Faith Tour: Parish of the Holy Spirit in Grand Rapids, MI

Are you ready to be fed? Fr. Leo Patalinghug a.k.a. "The Cooking Priest" is known for beating an Iron Chef on Food Network's cooking competition "Throwdown with Bobby Flay", hosting the cooking TV Show "Savoring Our Faith" on EWTN, and leading the international food and faith movement Grace Before Meals to bring families back to the dinner table. But as a Catholic priest, he invites you to one of the most unique and dynamic evangelization opportunities for the entire family to be fed -  Welcome to the "Feed My Faith" Tour. This one night event serves a hungry flock with a theology of food which leads to a deeper knowledge and love of the Eucharist and communion with God and each other. As one of the most popular and renowned Catholic speakers in the country, Fr. Leo is a presenter who educates, engages, and even entertains audiences of all ages and backgrounds, making the deepest theological concepts more bite size-able and digestible. The mission of this special event is to feed the deep hungers of our Catholic community while welcoming "outsiders" to feel at home in our faith. Participants will be brought through deep experiences of prayer, healing, learning, and action, satisfying the hungers of their hearts. Bring everyone, especially those who would never come to a "Church event" because Fr. Leo believes that if you come hungry to God, He will feed you. 

Tickets available Online or at Parish Office-

$20 for adults.

$15 - Children 12 and under.

Children Under 6 - FREE

Childcare to be available. 


Parish of the Holy Spirit 
2230 Lake Michigan Dr NW 
Grand Rapids, MI 49504


5:00pm     OPTIONAL: Teaching Mass (open to public)

5:45          Music & Introduction

6:00          Presentation # 1

6:50          Break & Merchandise Sales

7:20          Presentation # 2

8:10          Short Break

8:25          Presentation # 3 with Prayer & Music

9:25-9:30  Closing Comments and End of Event

For more information, call 616-453-6369 and ask for Joe Houdek. 


Joe Houdek. 616-453-6369

More Information:


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