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Series 17: Family Trip to the Philippines

  • Lunch on Mactan Island

    Lunch on Mactan Island

    A family meal at a restaurant on Mactan Island, which means fish, pork, chicken, seaweed, squid and...eyeballs!?!
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  • Ka Lui Restaurant

    Ka Lui Restaurant

    Watch as Fr. Leo tries out the food at this fun restaurant in the Philippines with a great atmosphere and bare feet people...everywhere. EVERYWHERE!
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  • Thieving Monkeys!

    Thieving Monkeys!

    Fr. Leo is traveling through areas with disease-carrying mosquitoes, no big deal. But thieving monkeys? Don't they know better than to steal?
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  • Underwater Cave in the Phillipines

    Underwater Cave in the Phillipines

    Ah, an underwater cave in the Philippines, full of bats, wonders, and tourists. But despite it's beauty, Fr. Leo is more impressed with his sister keeping quiet for once.…
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