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April Showers, May Flowers & God’s Care for the Earth

With the Easter season well underway and signs of new life emerging, it can be easy for me to “rush” past the spring season and jump ahead to summer – warmer weather, a slower pace, and even a vacation or two!

Resurrection of the Lord

But spring’s showers, while not the exciting weather I long for, have an important purpose.  They allow farmers to plant seeds and rivers to be replenished.  Spring gives balance to the natural progression of what the world needs.  Like every season, spring shows us that God knows what the world needs in order to sustain human life.  It represents a harmony, even when the weather is at times turbulent.

When we look at nature, we can reflect on how God’s care for the earth is wonderful, but doesn’t compare to God’s providence and care for us, His children.

For us faithful foodies, we need to see the spring and Easter seasons as times to offer praise to God for providing for us throughout the winter and Lenten season. We also need to offer petition, asking for good weather so that we can reap a fruitful harvest to feed hungry souls.

Missionaries of Charity at the Easter Vigil in 2010, serving the poor and celebrating their faith.

If I sound like a real “nature lover,” it’s because I’ve been considering the words of our new Pope Francis and the inspiration of his namesake, St. Francis of Assisi. Both of these prophetic voices speak about the power of nature, whose beauty reflects the genius of the Creator, and how we are responsible to care for it.  However, even while we protect the earth and its resources as God’s creation, we cannot deify it as some sort of “divine mother.”   It is important to remember the difference between caring for the earth and worshiping it.

In a modern society that often times doesn’t take time to smell the roses, we have this beautiful liturgical season to slow down, consider the beauty of this world, acknowledge the power of the One who created it, and try to live so that we are showing the beauty of our own lives – as God also created us!
A young couple with two small children were able to come to a two day recollection that I offered at St. Callistus and St. Barbara Churches in Orange County. Even though they were busy, they felt it was well worth it to take the time and pause for their faith!
Let us Pray:  Father, help us to better understand the power of this liturgical season. May the new life, springing up around us, remind us of your Providential Care.  Show us how we can be signs of beauty and new life, and protect and aid those farmers who work with Mother Nature to provide food for the world.  May we be blessed with food for our table and food for our souls, through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  • What is your favorite season?
  • What do you like or dislike about spring?
  • How do you and your family care for the earth?
  • What’s the difference between protecting nature and worshiping it?
  • How do you explain these differences to your children?

    Your comments help us to keep up our momentum in sharing these messages with you.  Please post your comment below.
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3 Responses to “Dinner Discussions: April Showers, May Flowers and God’s Care for the Earth”

  • Fall is my favorite, as a New Englander by birth, but spring is a close second. I was born in the spring and of course, we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection at this time of year.

    I help do my part to care for the earth by buying recycled, recycling when I can and trying to buy sustainable products. Several smaller steps can be quite effective.

    I don’t have kids, but feel that the discussion of protecting nature vs. worshiping it is important. Protecting nature means acknowledging that it is God’s creation and that we need to take care of it as stewards. However, it is distinct from God and we need to always remember that.

    Posted by celticanglican on April 11th, 2013 at 2:26 pm.
  • What is your favorite season? Whichever one I’m in.
    What do you like or dislike about spring? Like: beautiful flowers, returning birds, warm air, being outside without a coat, the smell of the earth, getting ready for my garden
    Dislike: allergies (ugh)
    How do you and your family care for the earth? Organic gardener, recycle, restore, reuse, shop locally,compost
    What’s the difference between protecting nature and worshiping it? I worship the Lord. Because I revere the Lord, I know that I am to be a steward of his world so I do what I can to protect the amazing planet he has provided for us.
    How do you explain these differences to your children? My children are adults and they, likewise are stewards of the planet, riding bicycles or walking where possible, recycling, reusing, etc.

    Posted by Jackie on April 11th, 2013 at 6:20 pm.
  • Summer is my favorite…for all the warmth of His Son Shine

    Spring brings the birth of new life. I am especially anxious for Bud Break on the Vines as I help my Buddy with his Vineyard in NC. (can’t be too could lose all to a hard in 2012)

    Pruning in the Winter and minor pruning/shoot thining in the spring.

    Nature is a Gift from God…worship the Giver not the gift.

    By our example…by the way we live our lives…this speaks louder then anything we can say to our children.

    Congrats on the MK endorsement…I guess you’ll need bigger venues now!

    You live DC!

    Fr Leo,
    Please pray for my Buddy & his family as he just underwent his 3rd Hip Replacement/Repair surgery in the last 7 years…he used to be a DC, with as much passion as you, but he has been in a “Bad Place” for the last 5 years between Dr’s, Lawyers, Shrinks, Judges, Immense unending Pain and lots of Medication.

    This is my Buddy with the Vineyard in NC.

    Thanks, Joe

    Posted by Joe on April 11th, 2013 at 9:59 pm.

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