Messenger Meals and Messenger Eagles


Tomorrow is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It celebrates how God sends messengers to us, and reminds us that God answers our prayers. The history of Our Lady of Guadalupe also speaks of a miraculous image of the Virgin Mary that (to this day) defies science and awakens our understanding of the Virgin Mary’s role in salvation history.
The Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Guadalupe Shrine

In this especially festive time of the year, we will see Christmas cards and nativity scenes showing Mary’s essential role in our faith.  She has been sent by God to remind us how that our Father hears all of our prayers – for ourselves and for others!

A new movie called “The Blood and the Rose,” a type of docudrama produced by award-winning documentarian and producer, Tim Watkins – who just happens to be the executive producer of Grace Before Meals – shows how God continues to send messengers, including St. Juan Diego. In this fantastic movie, we see St. Juan Diego as a normal man with an “ordinary faith” whose obedience helps him to become a “messenger eagle,” sent to the world to share good news. 

Juan Diego

For those in Baltimore, MD, there is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Catholic Business Network of Baltimore is hosting a Film Screening and evening of Spiritual reflection tomorrow at 6pm at The Erinn McCarthy Humanities Hall at Maryvale (11300 Falls Rd.  Brooklandville, MD 21022). The tickets range from $25 – $50 and food & drinks will be served. Enjoy this film that gives an amazing account of the miracle and the call to be Messenger Eagles, and also get an opportunity to network with other local Catholics. Click the link below for the details.

Sharing a meal with someone gives them a message of hope.  We ought to consider this and share our blessings of food with others. But, at the same time, we ought to consider how we can give a direct message of good news to feed hungry souls.  We ought to become a messenger and give a gift of hope, a message of peace, and inspiration to hearts, minds (and bellies).

Couples at a recent marriage presentation in Michigan.

With Christmas around the corner, our movement offers great gift ideas to help you become a messenger eagle through meaningful meals! We also have the movie about Our Lady of Guadalupe, as well as our Grace Before Meals products. Get free shipping on orders over $30*. Click the link below for more information. 


Today be a messenger of hope, like St. Juan Diego – a true messenger eagle – and serve meals with a message that will feed body, mind and soul.


Food for Thought:

  • What “spiritual” or “religious” type of gifts do you give to family and friends?
  • Have you ever given a Grace Before Meals book to someone, and did they like it?
  • How do you try to be a messenger of hope in your life and in this season of advent?

Please let us know your thoughts, comments and responses to these questions. It’s your way of communicating with us what’s most important to you so that we can be good “messenger eagles” for you! LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!

Culinary college students took some of the leftover meals from their culinary classes to the poor in San Francisco.

Let us pray:


Saint Juan Diego, you are our first American indigenous saint. Please pray that God the Father would protect all migrants through His Son, Jesus Christ. Ask the Father to pour out the love of the Holy Spirit upon all who are isolated, alone and separated by choice or necessity from their native lands. May those torn away from their families and forced to leave their country to find work elsewhere be reunited: husbands with wives and parents with children. We ask especially for migrant women and children who are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of human trafficking. Give them Your protection and shield them from evil. May we as a Church receive the Grace to welcome with love migrants who enter into our country, seeking a home in our parishes and communities. We ask for Your prayers and intercession for all immigrants who are desperate, alone and in need of God’s loving support. And we ask Our Lady, who appeared to you as your Mother and Mother of all in our land, to wrap her mantle of protection around all migrant people. We beg for her love, compassion, help and protection on all immigrants who today experience great sufferings, sorrows, necessities and misfortunes.



(Prayer from

for the feast day of St. Juan Diego)

Blessed Mother of the Nations



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  • I try to send a special “St. Nick” gift to my godchildren and their families on his feastday. I usually include the traditional treats like nuts, oranges, peppermints and chocolate coins. I will sometimes add a religious ornament for the tree and I always include a small prayer card or story about St. Nicholas. My family did not follow that tradition when I was a child so I was introduced to it later in life, but I started it with my children, and godchildren early on and I enjoy it now as much as they do!

    Posted by Colleen on December 12th, 2013 at 3:17 pm.

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