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 Talking Turkey Truth

It’s obviously that time of the year, so let’s just talk turkey truth. 

I don’t like turkey!

I get the honors of cutting this big bird!

There, I said it!  Mea culpa!

The process of thawing, the care to prevent microbes from turning into sickness, and cooking a non-fatty and flavorless bird, which is so easy to overcook because people are worried about undercooking this popular food – well, it just baffles me!  Why couldn’t the pilgrims and Native American Indians decide on steak instead!


Steak with Advieh seasoning.

Although I have clearly lodged my turkey protests, that doesn’t mean I won’t eat it.  In some cases, I enjoy it, especially if the bird is highly flavored from a long time brining or deep-fried in peanut oil.  But pound for pound, I prefer an easier way of cooking turkey.

Oven-roasted chicken sitting on beer cans.

My recommendation is: get a smaller turkey or a large chicken to cook as the center piece de resistance!  But to feed the hungry crowds, prepare turkey breasts instead!  I use this catering technique of cooking and carving turkey especially for my large family gatherings.  We retain the tradition of a cooked turkey, beautifully presented – and delicious enough.  


See turkey, beautifully presented.

But we’ve noticed that people go for the turkey breasts, because they’re easier to eat, they taste better (it has  bacon for goodness sake), and then we get to keep the pretty poultry on display for family pictures.  And my Filipino American family LOVES taking family food pictures!

Keeping your turkey and trimmings easy will keep your Thanksgiving stress free.  It will help you stay focused on what’s most important on that day.  Giving Thanks!  

And if I do say so myself, this recipe will honestly make you say, THANK YOU, GOD! 

A young man, visiting the Immaculate Conception Church in New Orleans, for a midday moment of prayer.

 Food for Thought:


  • What’s your favorite way to cook turkey?
  • What’s your favorite side dish?
  • Do you have a simple Thanksgiving recipe to share with our members?  


Your comments and questions assist us in our mission. Please post your comments HERE. 

Let us pray:


Father in Heaven, thank You for this time of preparation for the upcoming holy days.  May we do so peacefully, not frantically.  May our efforts bring about the Grace that comes from a faithful family gathering, one that recognizes that You are the giver of all good things, and that we are called to share these blessings with others – especially those in need.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

 This Week’s Recipe: 


Bacon- Wrapped Turkey Breast


November 26

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    Posted by Mary Ryan on November 21st, 2013 at 2:04 pm.
  • Looks good nonetheless. I use duck….

    AZ Foodie

    Posted by Fr. Leo on November 21st, 2013 at 2:29 pm.

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