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The GIFT for Gluten Conditions and Holy Communion

This past Mother’s Day Weekend I launched a new video on our social network avenues.  We wanted to share with you a new liturgical vessel that I created along with Alviti Creations.  It’s called “GIFT” – Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving.  This new (first of its kind, really) hook-on-mini-ciboria provides a simple solution for churches who have members who have to receive a special gluten free host.  As I travel across the country, I’ve seen how people with gluten intolerance, wheat allergies or celiac disease create tension, confusion and unnecessary attention for receiving Holy Communion. I knew there had to be a better way!     

Click to watch the promo video about the GIFT

With the GIFT, Grace Before Meals has given Mother Church a helpful tool, a new sacred vessel to help parishioners realize that Mother Church understands your special condition.

These “bagels” from the Holy Land are delicious, but for many people with gluten conditions, they cannot enjoy the “breaking of the bread.”

How fitting to release our product on Mother’s Day. It reminds me of how moms (and dads too), have to help their children with special conditions feel as “normal” as possible.  Recently I met a mother whose child was diagnosed with severe food allergies.  This mother had to relearn how to cook everything! And she did it because she has the great responsibility to feed her children, while never making her child sense they are a “burden.”

I met this wonderful family in Oak Grove, Minnesota. They adopted all of these children from Mother Theresa’s Orphanage from around the world. They know children aren’t a ‘burden’ but the greatest of blessings!

If you have a gluten condition, don’t worry!  Mother Church wants to feed you with the Body and Blood of Christ.  This GIFT vessel will help you to receive the GREATEST GIFT of all – the Eucharist.

May I ask that you PLEASE tell your friends, fellow parishioners, and your priests about this video. PLEASE show them this link on how to get this for their faith community and parish.  PLEASE help us to spread the message about sincere people who have gluten concerns.  And, please pray that this GIFT will help all of us value our Heavenly Faith and our Heavenly Food.

Let us Pray:


Lord, You give us the Eucharist as the memorial of Your suffering and death.  May our worship of Sacrament of Your Body and Blood, help us to experience the salvation You won for us, and the peace of the Kingdom.  Where You live and reign forever and ever. Amen.



  • Do you have Gluten conditions, and do you think this GIFT will help you in receiving Holy Communion?  
  • Why do you suppose there are more people who are developing allergies to common foods such as peanuts, wheat, and dairy?  
  • Do you have any ideas on how we can get this message of the GIFT out there in the world, to help people with Gluten Conditions to receive the Eucharist peacefully?


Your responses and posts to these questions, along with any other comments, are very helpful in keeping our movement strong.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and questions.

5/18/14 – 5/27/14


Rome, Italy 

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5 Responses to “The GIFT for Gluten Conditions and Holy Communion”

  • Thank you for sharing this tasteful (no pun intended!) and dignified vessel for distributing the Eucharist under the form of gluten free bread! I have already passed this on to my provincial councilor who is also gluten intolerant

    My only critique is of the pendant. The use of the wheat, which is part of my health problem, as part of the Chi-Rho was … off-putting. Or was the crossed wheat stalks to serve as a warning? How about one that simply said “GIFT”? Is would serve as a clearer sign (or would it look like and advertisement? Hmm…)

    God bless you!

    Posted by Sister Julianna on May 14th, 2014 at 6:35 pm.
  • hello, as the mother of a 13 year old with severe wheat allergies, this is fantastic idea. The priests in our parish hold the pix while holding the bowl of consecrated hosts and it can prove challenging and cumbersome.. Please tell me how to order this.
    I would suggest you contact the Celiac Society and all food allergy sites. (i can send you some links if you want) and let them know about this. It is a GREAT idea..thank you., Mary

    Posted by Mary Carey on May 16th, 2014 at 10:01 am.
  • It seems like a good idea, but I was told that the only way you could have true Eucharist was with the traditional wheat ingredients and that those who suffer from wheat allergy/sensitivities/celiac (basically can’t receive a regular host) should receive the consecrated wine only. Since Jesus is fully present under both species, they receive no less of Him by receiving under the species that doesn’t cause the problems. My husband is gluten-sensitive and sometimes has reactions to the regular wheat host and this is the information we had found/heard. Is this incorrect?

    Posted by Jenni on May 16th, 2014 at 9:17 pm.
  • What a great idea! How do we get these?

    Fr. Gene Murphy
    St. Joseph Church,Amery, WI


    Posted by Fr. Gene Murphy on September 17th, 2014 at 10:49 am.
  • Fr. Gene, you can go to to order yours today. Check out more information and the video by going to the following link:

    Posted by Fr. Leo on September 17th, 2014 at 4:21 pm.

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