Feed My Faith Tour in the Land Down Under

Happy Easter season to you all! It has been a whirlwind week for Fr. Leo and Plating Grace as he flew out on Easter Sunday to start his Australia tour which spans across Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney (with a stop in the Philippines)! This tour is courtesy of the Why Be Catholic Conference in Perth (www.evangelisationaustralia.com) and Parousia Media (www.parousiamedia.com), and has already fed a lot of hungry souls!

First stop is Perth, and Fr. Leo has already had a chance to reconnect with some old friends from the last time he was there in November. Check out some pictures and videos, including one with the talented singer Josh, who performs another song for the ages!



From Perth, Fr. Leo will visit family in the Philippines before he heads out on 4/28/17 to make a brief appearance in Sydney for a special Spicing Up Married Life Presentation, before heading to Melbourne for special family events to ignite the family's love for God and one another. Following the weekend in Melbourne, Fr. Leo returns to Sydney to speak at different schools, churches, and even an Event Cinema to bring the message of food, faith, and family to many new people. 


Please keep Fr. Leo in your prayers as he travels all over the “Land Down Under”, the Why Be Catholic Conference and Parousia Media teams as they work hard to ensure the success of each event, our Plating Grace movement to expand further out into the world, and especially all those who are hungry for spiritual nourishment, that they may receive it at Fr. Leo's different appearances coming up. For more information about how you can feature Fr. Leo at your parish or for your event, please fill out the form at “Book Fr. Leo” on fatherleofeeds.com. 

Let Us Pray

God, thank you for the opportunity to share the Gospel message through our Plating Grace movement with families around the world. Please bless our efforts and help us to bring more people to Your heavenly banquet. We ask that you bless us with peace in this world during (and beyond) this Easter season. Take us by the hand to Your Heavenly Kingdom so that we don't miss the feast You have made for us. We pray especially for those in most need of being fed, body, mind, and soul. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

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