Guest blog: The Blessings of Sunday Dinner

This week's guest blogger Sarah Arcuri, creator of “The Sweet Paisana“, met Fr. Leo after Mass in Baltimore in December 2016, and was happy to share about her Sunday family traditions and Italian recipes that her grandmother would be proud of. 

The Blessings of Sunday Dinner

by Sarah Arcuri

Coming from a large Italian family, Sundays have always been centered around two things: Mass and Sunday dinner with the family. For as long as I can remember, we’d begin our day with 11:00am Mass, inevitably run into cousins, aunts and uncles, and then congregate afterwards at my grandmother’s house. When we’d walk through the door, the scent of fresh sauce rose immediately to greet us, and we could hear the sound of meatballs or cutlets frying on the stove. It was just the beginning of my favorite day of the week where the family would come together to catch up with one another and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal.

Now that I too enjoy cooking, after learning everything I know from my grandmother, I’ve joined her in the kitchen to help prepare our Sunday meals. While we have always been incredibly close, this is one of the things that connects us and is one of our favorite ways to spend the day together.

I wanted to share a simple and easy to make recipe with you all for your dinners with your family. This meal is a go-to in our family, as it is affordable and everyone likes it – even the picky eaters! Keep reading for this step by step recipe for Chicken Cutlet with a fresh green salad and a side of homemade ravioli!


For Full list of ingredients and the Recipes, click on the image below:

Chicken Cutlet served with Arugula Salad and marinara sauce for homemade ravioli

This meal is great because it includes protein, carbohydrates, and fresh greens. As simple as it is, it always puts a smile on my family’s faces and keeps us full. While the food is great, what makes it even better is the people that you enjoy it with. Preparing a home cooked meal such as this one is at the heart and soul of our family and never fails to bring us together around the table, Sunday after Sunday.

About the Author
Sarah is the creator of The Sweet Paisana, a lifestyle blog focusing on authentic Italian food, beauty and fashion, and all things encompassing la bella vita. Born into a large Italian family, Sarah was raised with strong traditional Italian values, and she is passionate about carrying on the traditions and lifestyle of her heritage.You can visit her website at

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