In the News: The Olive Mass is almost here! The Shaya Dinner SOLD OUT

The time has almost arrived! Excitement mounts for the first-ever ‘Olive Mass’ as we all prepare “to celebrate food and bless the hands that make it”. As we prepare for this weekend, we have officially sold out of seats for the Shaya Dinner on Sunday evening, but I encourage all who are interested to RSVP for the Mass and Reception. Visit to RSVP today! They are sure to be incredible experiences for anyone to be at as we extend our faith, fellowship and food to the people who prepare it (and those who eat it too).

Thanks in part to the team for Chef John and Jenifer Besh, as well as the Archdiocese of New Orleans, excitement for the event has spread to people in the area, and as a result, the Olive Mass has been featured in news outlets and publications, which are linked below. Tonight, you can catch me back on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo to share the excitement. Raymond himself is a New Orleans native, so he can attest to the great food and faith in the area.

Check out the show tonight for a call in interview between me and Raymond. 


Among the many attendees is “The Catholic Foodie” Jeff Young and his family, and I will be featured on his podcast show tomorrow, September 23, 2016 in anticipation for the celebration. So be sure to check out these out and share with your friends! It is a real blessing to share our mission to strengthen the culture and families through food and faith.

Check out the Catholic Foodie’s Podcast tomorrow for my interview with Jeff Young.

And finally, we can confirm that on Monday, you will be able to view a livestream of the Mass on and on our pages. For you Facebook users, I will be using Facebook Live throughout the weekend to capture moemtns as they happen, and when you’re in a room full of great food and beverage, along with wonderful people, there is sure to be much to capture. To those who are coming, I look forward to meeting you there. For those who are not able to join, I ask you to keep us in prayer, stay tuned for the events and celebrations, and enjoy your own food and faith celebration with the ones you love around the dinner table. God bless!

You can check out some of the articles by clicking the following links:

The New Orleans Advocate – “Nation’s first ‘Olive Mass’ meant to celebrate food, ‘bless the hands that make it'”


WDSU Channel 6 News – “Catholic church celebrates hospitality industry Sept. 26 with Olive Mass” (originally a TV News segment) – “First ever Olive Mass set for Monday at St. Louis Cathedral”

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