NEW EPISODE: Cooking for One: Easter Lamb Chops

A blessed Holy Thursday! I hope you had an opportunity to commemorate this special feast day that is perfect for the GBM movement, as Jesus shared His Last Supper with His friends, the apostles. With the washing of His disciples’ feet and most especially with the Institution of the Eucharist, Jesus bestowed upon the world an eternal impression of fidelity, selflessness, love, and His divinity.

Of course, what follows is the Passion of Christ on Good Friday, followed by Holy Saturday, and the most incredible celebration of all – Easter Sunday, when Christ rose from the dead for our salvation! And you know what a celebration calls for? A feast! While many of you will be with your families and your friends (NOTE: if you are the type to use hard boiled eggs for your egg hunts, make sure the kids save them to make a great egg salad!), there may be some who will be on their own this year. My web series “Cooking For One” seeks to give those who are single, widowed, or simply on their own great meal options that are economical, delicious, and easy to make.

So I share with you a special Easter recipe for Pan Seared & Rosemary Seasoned Lamb Chops with a Fresh Herbal Mint Sauce, served with Flavorful and Easy Oven Roasted Broccoli and Baked Potato. Watch the episode, share with friends, and prepare to feast in a new and special way!

For the written recipe, click here: Pan Seared & Rosemary Seasoned Lamb Chops with a Fresh Herbal Mint Sauce.

Have a blessed and holy Easter Triduum, commemorating the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. And let us welcome with open arms those who will enter the Church during the Easter Vigil this Saturday. We offer up prayers for all as we prepare to enter into this Easter season!

I am preparing to head to the Philippines with my family followed by a special tour in Australia, where I will be visiting Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth to share my message of Plating Grace, feeding those who hunger, body, mind, and soul. Please keep me in your prayers, and if you are interested in bringing me out for an event in your area, go to “Book Fr. Leo” and send us your ideas, or reach out to our Project Manager at!

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