NEW EPISODE: Cooking For One: Lent Edition – Salmon Fillet Three Ways

We are now in Lent, which is a time for prayers, fasting, and almsgiving. Of course, many people also know it as the time Catholics eat fish on Fridays (raise your hand if you've had a Fish Filet Sandwich from McDonalds on more than one occasion on Lenten Fridays). That's why this episode, I show you how a single person can take 1 lb of salmon and turn it into three dishes. So carry on the Lenten tradition of abstaining from meat on Fridays in ways that don't involve a drive through!

Click the images to get the recipes for the featured dishes from the episode:
Salmon Tartare
Pan Seared Salmon with Brown Butter
Salmon Pasta
Let us Pray
Heavenly Father, we ask you to be with us in this season of Lent as we seek to fast, pray, and give alms out of love for You. Be our strength and help us to fully rely on You for all things. We pray for those who hunger body, mind, or spirit, that they may be fed by our movement Plating Grace and through the kindness and mercy of others. And we thank You for Your continued and endless Love. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


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