NEW EPISODE: Super Bowl of Nachos and BBQ Blue Cheese Turkey Burger

February is already here, and not only does that mean that we fondly remember the Bill Murray classic “Groundhog Day” as we read the news about Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow for 6 more weeks of winter, but it also means that the biggest football game of the year is getting set for kickoff this “Super Sunday”: Super Bowl LI.  And even though your team may not have made it (at least, my Ravens didn't), it is still a great opportunity for some good eats. And whether you are at a party or on your own, I have got you covered like a cornerback. 

Watch my newest episode of “Cooking for One“, aptly called “Super Bowl of Nachos” where I show you how to take 1 lb of ground turkey and show you how to make a party for one:


For the recipes, go to:


Let us Pray

Dear God, we ask you for your blessings on all that we do, whether it is our efforts to strengthen our family relationships, work for Your glory, or even just have some leisure time to enjoy watching football. Please lead us to You in all of these things, and may our goals in life be to love You above all. Thank You Lord. We ask thisthrough Christ, our Lord. Amen. 

Food for Thought

– Who are you rooting for in this Super Bowl?

– Will you be going to a Super Bowl party or watching it at home?

– What is your favorite party dish?

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