VIDEO: Fr Leo Previews Special 2017 Trips and Pilgrimages

A blessed and happy new year to each of you! I was on retreat last week, so now that I am home (briefly), I want to share a special preview of all four of my 2017 pilgrimages, working with Select International Tours. Call them today at (800)-842-4842 to reserve a spot today, or register online by visiting the links below.

For more information, you can click the images below to learn more about each trip I am leading this year, and I very much hope you will consider taking a leap of faith and joining me for any (or all) of these life-changing journeys of faith, hope, love, and even food. 



Let us pray

Dear God, thank You for helping us start the new year anew. May we seek You in our daily lives, and allow You to lead us to You in any way you see fit. For those who have the means, may they take the opportunity to journey with me and other like-minded souls to these wonderful destinations that you have created for Your people to experience. May those who can join be blessed beyond measure by their experiences for years to come, and for those who cannot come, bless them ever abundantly as well as they strive to love You however they are called to. Please bless this new year, each of the events, trips, and pilgrimages I am involved with, and the people who will be a part of them, so that Your light may shine. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 


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