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Religious education Kick-Off fall family gathering!

St. Anastasia Parish, Troy, MI
October 16, 2012
Religious education Kick-Off fall family gathering!

Religious education Kick-Off fall family gathering!  This is a multi-generational event that involves 1st through 8th graders, their parents, and anyone else who would like to join!

The event focuses on growing together in Christ, attending weekly Mass as a family and eating together as a family.  A family that prays together stays together!  By the time the event ends, you'll be excited, touched, and inspired to better serve our Lord and to live out the vocation of a Christian family.

Fr. Leo will be presenting on these event topics and will also be doing a cooking demonstration and will also be there for a book signing.

There will also be a family activity to help families grow even closer.

Contact: | 248-689-7192

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